Trump Will Fire Mueller Because He Knows Republicans Won’t Do a Damn Thing About It

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Will Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller?,” the answer is yes — it’s going to happen. Granted this is just my opinion, but all political analysis is largely based on opinion combined with experience, education, and even just some good ol’ fashion common sense. I have no doubt that Trump’s guilty […]

John Boehner Admits Congressional Republicans Have Been Inept At Getting Anything Done

One of the biggest problems I run across when dealing with politics is that the vast majority of Americans have no clue how our government works. Sure, most people can name who’s president, but far fewer know anything at all about Congress. The typical American has no idea what the House or Senate really does […]

Congratulations Bush, Your Incompetence Finally Managed to Turn Iraq into an Actual Threat

It took over a decade, but George W. Bush finally managed to turn Iraq into a threat.  Don’t get me wrong, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, but he was really nothing more than a local thug.  He was never any kind of “global threat” like the Bush Administration falsely led the world to believe. […]

The Slow-Motion Meltdown Of The Republican Party

Jeez Louise, I go away to Montana for a little while and look what happens… I can’t leave you GOPers alone for a single minute, can I? First, Cantor lost… and lost big. Naturally, it’s Obama’s fault. It can’t possibly be because he’s buddy-buddy with the NSA and the idea of spying on everyone, or […]

If Republicans Want to Talk About Incompetence, They Should First Look in the Mirror

Since the website for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace went live at the beginning of this month, many conservatives have been on cloud nine.  Finally after all these years they had something factual to say negatively about “Obamacare.”  Up until this month, nearly every talking point Republicans had used against the healthcare law have been, […]

As Debt Ceiling Vote Nears, Republicans Continue to Prove Their Total Incompetence

Political debate is mostly based on a difference of opinions or philosophical conflicts pertaining to specific events.  That’s why it’s called debate.  It’s the back and forth between two opposing viewpoints, between groups or individuals who believe themselves to be right and the other side wrong. But then there are those moments when there shouldn’t […]

Rick Scott Proves His Incompetence Yet Again, Accidentally Bans All Computers in Florida

I’m from Texas, so I know all about Rick Perry’s ridiculous behavior as governor.  But I’ll give him this—at least he’s not Rick Scott. How Florida ever elected this man is beyond astounding. Before he was even elected Governor of Florida, the man was CEO of a company which was convicted of defrauding Medicare.  It’s […]

Irony: Republicans in Congress Calling the IRS Incompetent

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Republicans in Congress are “outraged” over this IRS scandal?  That conservative politicians are attacking the IRS for being incompetent and corrupt? Oh, the irony. Coming on the heels of the 37th futile vote by House Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, costing taxpayers an […]