Republican Infighting: Ted Cruz Slams Rick Perry, Says He Isn’t Responsible for Texas Job Growth

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone besides Mike Lee and Rand Paul who can actually stand Ted Cruz.  He seems to almost go out of his way to make even those within his own party despise him. Then again it’s clear by his actions since becoming a senator that he’s only concerned about his own […]

A Look at the Future of the Republican Party and its Impending Collapse

It’s no secret that I’m not a Republican.  Very little they do makes any sense, and usually when they do something that does make some kind of sense it’s a PR move following some epic disaster.  For example, many Republicans are now pushing away from the tea party following the incredibly unpopular government shutdown that […]

Mike Lee Whines About “Unfair” and “Demeaning” Attack Levied Against Him and Ted Cruz by Republicans

While some Republicans continue to perpetuate this idea that they’re “100% unified” when it comes to the government shutdown, most sane Americans know that’s not the case.  There are two distinct factions waging war within the GOP right now, with the future of the party — and our country as a whole — at stake. […]

Governor Christie Calls Rand Paul “Childish,” Paul Says They Should “Kiss and Make Up”

In what’s becoming a classic war of words between two prominent Republicans, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continue to go back and forth. Though it’s clear, Christie has gotten the better of Paul—and Paul seems well aware of that. Looking to end the “feud” with Christie, Paul said that he […]