Debunking 8 Conservative Talking Points About Abortion

Since we have a new Republican/Tea Party majority in Congress and new conservative dominance in state governments, we can expect to see more and more anti-abortion legislation bubbling up like stinking gas bubbles from the dank mire we call the American right. Indeed, we have already had some, in the form of Tennessee’s new amendment, […]

Debunking the Republican Myth of Economic Prosperity Through Tax Cuts

Before getting started, this isn’t going to be some elaborate analysis of tax rates, or economic patterns outlining why trickle-down economics is a scam. Because, honestly, there’s really no point. It’s an indisputable fact that the richest among us in this country (as well as Wall Street and big corporations) have never done better. They’ve […]

Republican Myth Debunked: U.S. Deficit Actually Falls Below $1 Trillion for First Time Since 2008

While Republicans love to paint President Obama as someone who’s done nothing but spend, spend, spend—reality tells a different story. Let’s get a few facts out of the way.  Yes, we’ve spent a lot of money since 2008.  Yes, we’re still currently running budget deficits.  Yes, we still need to get spending under control.  And […]

The Question Every Liberal Should Ask a Republican About the Myth that Tax Cuts Create Jobs

A great question to ask one of these “tax cuts create jobs” people is this — “If tax cuts are the main way you plan to create jobs, what do you do once they’re reduced to zero?” Most of the people you ask this question to won’t understand what you just asked them, but it’s […]