Shooting Victim’s Father Slams ‘Idiots’ in Congress, Asks ‘Have We Learned Nothing’ Since Newtown? (Video)

After the recent mass shooting in California, the issue of gun violence in this country has been a hotly debated topic once again.  Though I can’t imagine anything being done about it this time considering we’ve done absolutely nothing since the Newtown massacre that happened well over a year ago, or the Aurora massacre before that, […]

Republicans Prove Once Again They Hate the Working Poor, Filibuster Minimum Wage Increase

Republicans like to claim that they’re “listening to the American people,” which might be true… if by “the American people” they mean big corporations and the richest among us.  Nearly every economic policy they support directly benefits big business and the rich while offering the “promise” that by doing so the rest of us will […]

President Obama: House Republicans are the “Biggest Barrier and Impediment” to American Progress

Speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, President Obama said what liberals (and most Americans) have been saying for years — House Republicans are the problem. During his speech, the president said: “The biggest barrier and impediment we have right now is the Congress, and in particular the House of Representatives, that […]

The Biggest Problem with our Government is the House of Representatives

Most people understand by now that in United States politics, general dysfunction and disagreement often get in the way of compromise and progress.  It’s why I’ve argued in the past that our House of Representatives, in its current form,  is not what our Founding Fathers wanted.  Not that they didn’t want a branch of our […]

Four Key Issues that Undoubtedly Prove Republicans Don’t Care At All What Americans Want

Republicans are nothing if not consistent.  They often gather a handful of talking points and simply repeat them over and over until nearly every one of their voters can recite them in their sleep.  Basically, it’s a form of brainwashing. Oh, I’m wrong?  Let’s try a few of the terms they use all the time: […]

The Simple Truth: No Matter What President Obama Does, Republicans Are Going to Complain

One of my favorite jokes I see floating around the internet is the line, “If Obama came out in support of oxygen, Republicans would suffocate.”  Which is a joke clearly meant to play on the idea that no matter what President Obama does, Republicans will simply oppose it and do the opposite. That’s why when […]

If Republicans Would Just Get Out of the Way, Our Economy Would Be Much Better Off

There are a few indisputable facts about our economy since Obama became President of the United States.  We’ve created nearly 7 million jobs, unemployment dropped from a high of 10.1% down to 7.4%, stocks continue to set records and corporate profits have also hit record highs.  Oh, and despite popular right-wing rhetoric, we’ve seen the […]

It’s Official — the Republican Party Has Now Become the “American Taliban”

For years now, liberals have referred to the tea party as the “American Taliban” for their policies which almost certainly would devastate millions of Americans.  But for the most part I’ve refused to call them that because, while their partisan obstruction was obvious, the comparisons just seemed a little too radical for me. Well, not […]

Obama Slams Republicans: “Anything even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose.”

Talking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Obama spoke candidly about many aspects of his presidency.  And while I’m not going to break down the entire transcript (it’s worthy of 5-6 articles by itself), he had one line I absolutely loved because it’s something almost every liberal knows, but you won’t usually hear a sitting president […]

President Obama Has Played His Hand Perfectly When it Comes to Syria

I find it interesting how quickly many Americans rush to judgement when it comes to President Obama.  While I often criticize Republicans for their attitude towards the president, Democrats are often just as quick to throw backlash his way whenever it seems he might be doing something they disagree with. The moment a situation comes […]