I Think I’ve Finally Solved the Mystery Behind “Ben Carson Supporters”

It’s been an enigma that’s baffled me for several weeks now: What the hell is behind this Ben Carson surge? Ever since it started, I’ve contemplated the conundrum of how a man who has absolutely no qualifications to be president, and who’s clearly crazy (even by Republicans standards), could somehow become a legitimate contender for […]

Jeb Bush’s Embarrassing Weekend Could Be The Final Nail In His Campaign’s Coffin

I can fully admit when I was wrong about something, and I don’t hesitate to say that I was wrong about Jeb Bush eventually becoming the Republican party’s nominee for president. I figured he would hang around the top 3-4 spots while the crazies ran their course (similar to Mitt Romney in 2012) but eventually […]

The Truth: These Republican Candidates Are Just Too Stupid To Be President

We’re not even anywhere near the heart of the 2016 presidential campaign and I’m already absolutely astonished at how idiotic these Republican candidates have managed to make themselves look. Sure, there are theĀ far-right clowns like Sen. Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee who seem to remind people of their absurdity practically every time they open their […]

Why I Really, Really Hope Michele Bachmann Runs in 2016

For a little while, it looked like perhaps Michele Bachmann had spoken to Jesus (also known as the voices in her head) and was ready to head off on a mission trip with Marcus and his luggage boy. Fortunately for political writers and comedians everywhere, Michele dropped a desperate plea for attention juicy hint earlier […]

The GOP Can’t Win In 2016 Without At Least Changing This One Thing

In the Republican primaries these days, it seems as if the most radically conservative candidate gets the nod to go on to the general election. Last year we saw candidates like Rick Santorum force establishment candidate Mitt Romney to pander so hard to the right-wing that he had no chance of beating President Obama in […]