Former RNC Treasurer: ‘Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers’

Randy Pullen was the Republican National Committee Treasurer from 2009 until 2011, as well as Arizona Republican State Chairman from 2007 to 2011. During his tenure for the Arizona GOP, he was investigated during a campaign-finance scandal that he may or may not have overlooked, but three of Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s top allies had their […]

President Obama Met in Arizona By Racist Protesters Singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep”

In more of the same disgusting behavior by many conservatives, President Obama was met by a group of protesters today in Arizona who sang “Bye Bye Black Sheep” during his speech—an obvious and tasteless dig at the President’s race. There was even a sign in the crowd that said “Impeach the half-white Muslim!” But of course, […]

The Republican Party, Racism and the Dangerous Road They’re Taking Our Nation Down

Living in Texas, whenever I hear someone say “racism isn’t that big of an issue anymore,” I just have to laugh.  Is it better than it was decades ago?  Of course it is.  But for someone to really believe that racism is no longer an issue in today’s society—well they’re simply naive, ignorant or both. […]