Summarizing Trump’s Defense for Links to Multiple Potential Crimes: I’m Incompetent

For a man who likes to have his name on damn near everything in which he’s involved, and doesn’t hesitate to try to take credit for any positive news he can spin to make himself look good, even when he has nothing to do with it, it’s astonishing how “hands-off” Donald Trump claims to be […]

Even Trump’s Innocuous Tweets Seem to Prove His Cluelessness

It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves Twitter. Like a petulant tween desperately using social media to get attention, Trump’s Twitter tantrums have become a daily embarrassment. That said, one tweet he sent out on Thursday which was essentially harmless (and mostly overlooked) seems to prove that he’s an incompetent fool who really has no […]

5 Reasons Why Donald Trump’s Bullsh*t is So Difficult for Rational People to Combat

It should come as no surprise that most of the political questions I’ve been asked by people over the last couple of years revolve around Donald Trump. They tend to follow a pattern of bewilderment by those who — like most of us — don’t understand how tens of millions of people actually believe Trump’s […]

Top Fox News Legal Analyst: Devin Nunes Putting U.S. at Risk Playing Politics with Classified Intel (Video)

How Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) still has a job — or at least isn’t currently under investigation — is baffling. As the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he’s spent the last year serving as Donald Trump’s stooge trying to undermine the on-going investigations into this “president’s” campaign. Last year he even went as far […]

Why Our Enemies Might be Trying to Help Make Donald Trump Look Good

Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, a lot hasn’t seemed right. The fact that such a horrific human being could ascend to the highest office in our land is still an embarrassing disgrace. However, something else more recently hasn’t seemed right — our enemies seemingly trying to make Donald Trump look good. In particular, North Korean dictator […]

This is a Simple Trick Republicans Use to Con Millions of Americans Into Supporting Them

I had a friend ask me the other day why it seems like Republicans “win” more often than Democrats despite the fact that they’re obviously the party with out-of-date ideas, heavily fueled by racism/bigotry, and they’re clearly the biggest problem in our government (aka the more control they have, the more inept things seem to […]

Trump’s Comments on Giuliani Show How Ignorant Someone Has to Be to Believe Anything He Says

I wish I had more respect for supporters of Donald Trump — I really do. But I simply can’t respect them when they continue to believe this “president” is an honest and trustworthy person. Just a couple of days ago Rudy Giuliani, speaking on behalf of Trump (supposedly), gave a rather jaw-dropping interview where he […]

GOP Rep. on Stormy Daniels Scandal: If Obama Had Done This ‘We’d Be Waving a Bloody Shirt Right Now’ (Video)

It’s not every day that we get some candid truth from a Republican, but that did happen on Thursday when Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) told CNN that the GOP reaction to a Democrat being accused of lying about paying off an adult film star prior to the 2016 election would be much different than what we’re currently […]

Bush’s NSA Chief: Republicans Will Never Impeach Trump, Even if Mueller Proves He’s a Criminal (Audio)

It’s not exactly a secret that the vast majority of the GOP has been absolutely spineless when it comes to standing up to Donald Trump. Even some of the few who have spoken out against him, such as Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), have more less backed […]

Trump’s Former Quack Doctor Plays the Victim, Spills the Beans on Trump’s BS (Video)

Last summer I wrote an article where I said that Donald Trump was really no different than an organized crime boss. He’s someone who always claims everyone is out to get him, always denies he’s done anything wrong, and often tries to use his power to bully people into doing what he wants. A belief […]