CNBC Report Details How the RNC’s Paying Trump Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

If you happen to be a Republican who’s donated to the RNC over the last several months, or plan to in the future, I have some great news. There’s a very good chance that your donation is ending up in Donald Trump’s bank account. It seems over the last several months, the RNC, which currently […]

Out Of Everything Maddening About Trump’s Presidency, This is What Frustrates Me the Most

While talking politics with a progressive friend of mine who often likes to “pick my brain” whenever the subject is broached,  he said what many others have said to me since Donald Trump was elected: Your job must be easy right now. Your stories must write themselves with all the stuff Trump’s constantly saying and […]

Trump Tweets One of the Most Absurd Things He’s Ever Claimed About Russia

Donald Trump saying something completely ridiculous isn’t exactly “breaking news.” Hardly a day goes by that this “president” doesn’t say something absurd that often defies the laws of reality. Trump honestly seems to live under the belief that “reality” is whatever he wants it to be rather than what it actually is, which is rather […]

Dear Donald Trump: Yes, the Main Reason You Won is Because of Russia’s Help

Whether you’re someone who believes Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election is irrelevant. The fact remains that Russia launched a sophisticated and multifaceted cyber attack against the United States with the ultimate goals of dividing this country and keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Without Russia’s help, whether it was coordinated with […]

Fox News’ Smith Blasts Trump for Being Too Much of a Coward to Condemn Russia (Video)

On Friday it was revealed that Robert Mueller had issued indictments for 13 Russians and 3 Russia-backed groups for their roles in interfering in the 2016 election. Since then, Donald Trump has criticized the FBI, the Department of Justice, the media, Democrats, Barack Obama, and even Oprah Winfrey for various reasons. He even went as […]

Trump’s Budget Steals From the Poor and Elderly to Make People Like Him Wealthier

“I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” –Donald Trump, May 2015 That’s what then-candidate Trump said about supporting cuts to these programs. As with most everything else he says, that promise was total bullcrap. After giving the rich a projected $1.5 trillion […]

Trump’s Infrastructure Scam Amounts to a Massive Tax Hike on Poor & Middle Class Americans

While Donald Trump mentioned “rebuilding America’s infrastructure” throughout his campaign, he didn’t really talk about it all that much during his first year in office. That all changed this past week when he unveiled his long-awaited plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Sadly, it’s nothing but a giant scam that’s going to end up being […]

People Who Elected a Reality TV Star Want Athletes to Stop Discussing Politics

When it comes to Donald Trump, the GOP, the conservative media, and their supporters, it’s not difficult to find glaring examples of jaw-dropping hypocrisy and irony that I might not believe if I wasn’t currently alive right now to witness it with my own eyes. Take for instance the recent controversy stemming from Fox News’ […]

Dear Trump Supporters: He Doesn’t Give a Damn About You

Alright Trump supporters, let’s have a real talk. Do you all really believe Donald Trump gives a damn about you or this country? Do you think if push came to shove and Trump was forced to screw himself over for the best interests of the American people, he’s actually going to do that? Yeah, I […]

Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Trump Administration’s Embarrassingly High Rate of Turnover (Video)

Donald Trump has frequently bragged that he picks “the best people” with whom to surround himself. Throughout his entire campaign he promised that, if elected, he’d surround himself with “the best people” to “make America great again.” Most of us knew that Trump’s the type of person who wants to be surrounded by “yes-men” who […]