8 Reasons Why The GOP Is A Dying Party

Ever since I left the GOP about fifteen years ago, I’ve been of the opinion that they are a dying political party. There are a number of reasons that I’ve made this conclusion and I’ll lay them out here. #1: The Republican Party’s voter base is continually shrinking. Think about it — while they hold […]

A Must-See Example of Republican Voting Ignorance

It goes without saying I have a lot of debates with Republicans.  It’s just the nature of this business.  But I try to avoid political debates with family, friends or even acquaintances.  Well, last night I broke that rule. While I was online doing some research, a casual acquaintance who I’ve talked to a few […]

Voting Against Their Own Interests: The Common Story of the Republican Voter

I want to tell you the story of Susie Q. Conservative. Susie’s parents were from the rural South.  They were raised in households that had strong religious beliefs, opposed sex education and preached waiting till marriage before having sex. Of course, as it is with many young people, Susie’s parents didn’t wait till marriage.  They […]

The Greatest Trick the GOP Ever Pulled…

There’s a line from “The Usual Suspects” which states, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Perhaps, but the greatest trick ever pulled in recent, actual history was the GOP convincing working class Americans that they have their best interests in mind. You know what? If you make […]