Today, the Revolution Did Not Happen (but it May Have Started)

An Argentinian Catholic, a Tibetan Buddhist, a Pakistani Muslim and an American Lesbian Talk Show Host walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.” The foursome exchanges looks and replies, “Well, damn! Then who do you serve?!” … Today, the Revolution did not happen. (But it may have started.) Instead, […]

Free Form Planet Earth, 2.0: Reboot in 3… 2…1…

Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Uganda. Hey, Dorothy, you’re not in the Kansas House of Reps anymore. Putin on the Ritz.  Michael Sam’s media blitz.  Yanukovych on the fritz.  Duke Energy, in the ditch. The world is on fire, folks.  Tongues o’ flame.  And as per usual, Pussy Riot gets the blame. Hate vs. Love. Heterogeneity vs. […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Leo Tolstoy & the R-Rated Wild, Wild West

Pastor Pillow here! Our morning service opens with a Kierkegaardean Either/Or “Choose Your Own Adventure” worship program. Either embrace the light and open your hymnals to No. 829. Or raise your right arm stiffly and bellow the “Horst Wessel” at No. 109. Yeah, the former song’s a bit schlocky, and might even require that you […]

If a Second Revolution Does Come, it Won’t be Fought By the Rich – but Against Them

There’s a lot of talk here lately about a “second revolution” coming soon, usually by conservatives upset because the Constitution doesn’t protect their attempts to restrict the rights of others.  You also hear this statement come up when passing sensible gun regulation begins to make headlines. I mostly laugh the idea off mainly because we’re living […]

How to Be a More Active Progressive in Seven Easy Steps

a reissuance Something is wrong in the United States.  Really wrong. So wrong that our state legislators know less about epidemiology than my five-year-old daughter. So bad that a (thankfully) former North Carolina GOP executive committee member just proudly spewed racism on national television—on top of admitting that his state’s recent voting suppression laws were […]

Cindy Sheehan: Headlines of the Near Future

Although I can’t escape the imperial goings on around the globe — unconditional peace always being my main focus and motivation — I am running for governor of California. However, if California is managed correctly we could easily be a global force for awesomeness (had to say it, since I am a “Valley Girl”). So, […]

How to Be a More Active Progressive in Six Easy Steps

The Pitcairn Islands must be a wonderful place to be a political activist. If you are a Pitcairn Islander, you are one of fewer than 70 citizens, the least populous nation on earth. (I realize the Pitcairn Islands is technically a British Territory, but work with me. It’s small—dwarfed even by the population of Vatican […]

Why The Founding Fathers Would Have Despised Today’s “Tea Party”

Every 4th of July, without fail, I’ll see a few nutjobs come out with their “America, love it or leave it” or “This is America, speak English” stickers and such. Despite the ridiculous irony that their stickers, t-shirts and flags are made in China or a Bangladeshi sweatshop, there’s something else they’re entirely unaware of. […]