Republican Senator Slams Trump’s Latest Attempt to Discredit the FBI

Since facts, truth, and reality are rarely on the side of Republican propaganda, the right-wing has become masterful at “muddying the waters,” so to speak, by spending their time trying to find any way to cast doubt upon facts, truth, and reality. For most conservatives, it’s not really about proving anything that they say is […]

I’m Sick of Republicans Lying About the Healthcare System that Saved My Life

“Government healthcare programs everywhere in the world do three things. They promise you the world. They say, oh we’re going to cover everything. Then what they do is they run out of money and they underpay hospitals, doctors, and guess what happens? They don’t want to take care of you. There’s fewer of them, just […]

Vet Groups Bash GOP Senator for Blocking VA Benefits: ‘You Clearly Represent the Worst of Politics’

The scandals that have come to light concerning the VA should have been a moment where everyone in Washington came together in one cohesive voice declaring, “This stops right now!” – then actually doing something about it. But, no.  Instead both sides have (as expected) turned it into a partisan issue.  Democrats have bashed Republicans […]

“Obamacare” and the Perpetual Republican Temper Tantrum

Who’s ever dealt with a child throwing a temper tantrum?  The screaming, crying, stubbornness, irrationality—just so the child can try and force an adult to do what they want. Well that seems to be exactly what Republicans are doing over the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).  They’ve decided that since they haven’t gotten their way […]

Republicans Calling Out Other Republicans for Acting Ridiculous? Yes, It Actually Happened…

While most on the right probably consider me a left-wing radical (though ironically many liberals don’t consider me a “real” liberal), I do try to base my political opinions on common sense, logic and rational thought. Three things I rarely seen in conservative ideology. So consider me stunned when I saw not one, but two Republicans […]