After Denying Health Insurance To 800k Poor, Florida Lawmakers Want To Reward Themselves With Cheap Insurance

Being that I’m from Texas, I know it might sound a bit hypocritical for me to talk negatively about another state, but at least we didn’t elect a former CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars – like Florida Gov. Rick Scott. (For the […]

Rick Scott Caught Red-Handed Lying About Health Care Again While Poor Floridians Suffer

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never understand how Rick Scott got elected governor of Florida the first time – and then was re-elected this past November. It’s absolutely baffling. He is without a doubt one of the most shady, corrupt and incompetent politicians we have in this country. This is a man who was once so […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Blames Obama For Lack Of State Health Care Funding

Almost 5 years ago, I left Florida shortly before the 2010 election in which Rick Scott was elected governor. One of the promises he ran on, which he briefly reversed in 2013, was to block Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Since then, Florida’s legislature, which is firmly in the control of conservative Republicans, has refused […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Bans Officials From Using the Terms ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Global Warming’

If you read this headline, then had to make sure that you weren’t reading something from The Onion, I wouldn’t have blamed you. Republican antics have reached such ridiculous levels that nowadays it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether something is satire, or if it’s something that someone on the right side of the aisle actually […]

Breaking: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Defeats Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida

This is news that should make every Democrat in Florida who didn’t vote absolutely ashamed of themselves: Florida Governor Rick Scott has defeated Democratic challenger (and former Governor of Florida) Charlie Crist. This is another one of those races where I’m not sure how it was so close. Florida Governor Rick Scott is a man […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Gives Embarrassing Excuse for Why He Objected to Charlie Crist’s Fan (Video)

By now it’s no secret that current Florida Governor Rick Scott made an absolute fool out of himself during his debate with Democratic challenger Charlie Crist when he essentially threw a hissy fit concerning a fan Crist had set up at the bottom of his podium. But just in case you haven’t heard, Scott refused […]

FL Gov Rick Scott Pleaded the Fifth a Shocking Number of Times During Medicare Fraud Trial

It’s been a while since I wrote about one of our nation’s sleaziest governors, Florida Governor Rick Scott. I honestly have no idea how this guy got elected governor. You’d think the fact that he was CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars would be enough […]

The Top 5 Politicians I Would Like To See Indicted Besides Rick Perry

It was announced yesterday that Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted on two felony charges. One was for coercion of a public servant, the other for abuse of official capacity. In a nutshell, these charges stem from threatening to slash funding for a prosecutor’s office that investigated public corruption if the person overseeing it didn’t […]

The Tea Party Is More Corrupt Than The Government It Opposes

Recently, ProPublica released a report on the shenanigans of a Tea Party group operating under the name Move America Forward, which was founded by Sal Russo. Russo also helped start the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, also known as the Tea Party Express. Move America Forward has run phony donation drives to send care packages […]

The Real Way Republicans Plan to Rig Elections and Disenfranchise Voters

The last several years these new voter ID laws have often made headlines.  Most notably because they tend to target voters that tend to vote for Democrats.  And since the Supreme Court overturned parts of the Voting Rights Act, Republican controlled states have wasted no time passing new laws that seek to rig elections to […]