Rep. Elijah Cummings Annihilates Gov. Rick Snyder’s ‘Utter Incompetence’ on Flint Water Poisoning (Video)

No matter how many times I think about what’s going on in Flint, Michigan, I still can’t believe this has been allowed to happen. We’re not talking about this happening in some poor, developing nation halfway around the world. This has happened in the richest nation that’s ever existed mostly because of greed and incompetence. It’s absolutely sickening. […]

Rachel Maddow Blows the Lid Off Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Dangerous Statewide Incompetence (Video)

What’s currently going on in Flint, Michigan right now will go down as one of the biggest tragedies in United States history. I’m not sure how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder hasn’t been arrested, let alone still has his job. The whole situation is appalling and sickening. Though as Rachel Maddow pointed out in her special report […]

Shocking: Republican Governor Does Something That Makes Sense On Guns

It’s not often that I write an article consisting of a Republican standing up to the NRA and using a little common sense when it comes to gun laws. After all, this is the party that thinks guns have nothing to do with gun violence, or thinks schools should dedicate three weeks of the school […]