Texas Republicans Waste Millions on Special Sessions, One Thinks Wendy Davis Should Pay Up

It has come to my attention through a variety of news sources that the Texas GOP, specifically state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, wants Senator Wendy Davis to pay for the costs of holding yet another special session. In case you were living in the Alaskan tundra or completely turned off all news sources for the past […]

Ridiculous Rick Perry Claims Abortion is America’s Second Most Common Surgical Procedure

Just when you think Rick Perry couldn’t possibly say anything more outlandish and inaccurate—he opens his mouth once again. In one of his most recent statements, he claimed abortions are the second most common surgical procedure in the United States. Which, of course, is completely baseless and inaccurate.  In fact, there’s nothing that exists which […]

Republicans Do Love a Constitution, Just Not Ours

I constantly hear Republicans harp on and on about how they’re the fighters for a “Constitutional United States.”  Whenever I hear this rhetoric I just have to laugh, because I’ve said for a while now that Republicans follow a version of our Constitution that doesn’t exist.  Sure they claim they love our Constitution, but reality […]

Deconstructing the Diabolical Anti-Choice Movement

In many ways, the anti-abortion movement is one of the most hypocritical and downright diabolical elements of the Republican party platform. It’s been over 40 years since the Supreme Court decided that a woman has the right to choose a safe abortion for her pregnancy, but the Tea Party surge in 2010 and Republican gains […]