Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s Campaign Is A Plot By Big Business And Liberals To Destroy The Tea Party

Donald Trump has been saying a lot of things lately that have made the Republican Party look bad. Considering the fact that we have candidates like Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson, that puts into perspective how extreme some of the rhetoric has been and how far the candidates are willing to go to […]

Even Some Republicans Are Now Tired Of The Right-Wing Media’s BS

On a regular basis, I see people posting right-wing media links here on our website or elsewhere on the Internet as proof that there exists a vast liberal conspiracy to deprive them of their guns, or whatever the newest media hype is. Immigration, health care, gay marriage, Planned Parenthood or Jade Helm – these are […]

Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage Vows To Lead Armed Rebellion Against President Obama

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage is a very angry man, or at least he has to pretend to be one in order to keep appealing to his audience which is primarily angry, older white men. Michael Savage probably isn’t mentally ill, but it is very likely that more than a few members of his audience […]

Glenn Beck Warns That 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die Opposing Marriage Equality

To hear them tell it, you’d think that folks likes Glenn Beck or Mike Huckabee or others who cry wolf on a daily basis are going to be rounded up and tossed into prison any moment now. With the impending Supreme Court decision that is expected to make marriage equality the law of the land […]

Former Reagan, Bush Adviser: Fox News is ‘Brainwashing’ Conservatives (Video)

I’ve made my feelings clear on what I think about Fox News. It was actually just a few days ago that I was talking with a friend of mine about how much better off this nation would be right now if the network didn’t exist. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve become more and more […]

Right-Wing Radio Host Michael Savage: Obama Is ‘Satan’ And Wants A Race War

Back when I had a lengthier commute than I do now, I used to turn on AM talk radio from our local station KEPL 96.5 to see what our goofy friends on the right were chattering about that day. Much of what I heard in the morning was fairly tame, and sometimes I even found […]

Religious Extremists Kill Twelve People At French Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Religious extremism is a very dangerous animal. Extremists of any religion believe their views trump all else, and violence is most often their method of expression. And on Wednesday afternoon, at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, religious extremism killed twelve people. Waking up to this news, I sat reading continuous updates […]

6 Reasons Why President Obama Is NOT A Dictator

I’m sure you have been subjected to the countless idiotic memes and the rants which usually boil down into a stew of paranoia and regurgitated right-wing talking points about how Obama is a tyrant, a dictator, etc. Our friends over at Ethical Reporters Against Faux News made this really great meme which completely refutes the […]

Right Wing Media & Politicians Now Have Blood On Their Hands

I didn’t want to have to write about guns again any time soon as the subject had been beaten to death, but here we go again with more right-wing wackjobs deciding that the federal government is tyrannical and that killing police officers and shooting up a Wal-Mart somehow will trigger a “revolution.” “Revolution,” “oppressive government,” […]