Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, Desperate For Another War, Wants To Bomb Iran

Two Navy vessels experienced mechanical difficulties yesterday and drifted into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf. The crews of the two vessels were briefly detained by the Iranian military before being released, along with both ships. Iran determined the act was not intentional, the United States apologized for accidental incursion, and what looked like a […]

Conservative Conspiracy Fanatic Claims An Invasion Of 100 Million Muslim Refugees Is Coming

While most people are familiar with right-wing conspiracy nuts like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones from InfoWars, there is a much larger pool of lesser-known media figures that are all competing for space in the small, but crowded conspiracy market. Part of being successful in this industry is playing to the fears of people who […]

Anti-Abortion Activist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos Were Designed To Destroy Organization

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to us that the videos created by the Center for Medical Progress were intended to destroy Planned Parenthood. After the dubious and heavily-edited footage was released, conservatives pounced on these videos as part of their campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. Republicans in Congress are advancing a bill to end […]

Ted Cruz’s Virginia Campaign Co-Chair Once Compared Women’s Health Providers to Nazi Death Camps

As Republican primary voters slowly begin to lose their fascination with Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Ted Cruz is poised to make a move toward winning Iowa and New Hampshire. The Iowa caucus is just a few weeks away, and nobody has the campaign infrastructure around the country quite like Cruz does. While Carson and […]

Ted Cruz Will Attend Rally With Speakers Who Compare Gay People To Satan

Last weekend, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee attended a conference in Iowa led by a conservative radio host who has repeatedly called for the execution of gay people. Kevin Swanson hosted the National Religious Liberties conference and invited all presidential candidates to attend. Most candidates had the sense not to RSVP, because who […]

These 3 GOP Candidates Will Speak At A Conference Hosted By A Pastor Who Wants Gays Dead

While everyone is talking about the latest dumpster fire that was the CNBC GOP debate, many have likely forgotten about the appeal some candidates are making to the very fringes of the Republican Party. The other night, 10 candidates on the main stage (and four at the opening act) talked mostly about their ideas about […]

Mike Huckabee Endorses Radio Station That Blames Gay People For Terrorist Attacks

If you thought Mike Huckabee’s comments last night on Twitter were bad, you’re totally not going to be surprised by what he did today. Granted, Huckabee’s been pandering to¬†“persecuted Christians” since before this current Republican primary season even began, so his outlandish behavior is nothing new – but it seems like he’s really ramped up […]

Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s Campaign Is A Plot By Big Business And Liberals To Destroy The Tea Party

Donald Trump has been saying a lot of things lately that have made the Republican Party look bad. Considering the fact that we have candidates like Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson, that puts into perspective how extreme some of the rhetoric has been and how far the candidates are willing to go to […]

Bobby Jindal Claims Judicial System Is ‘Trying To Criminalize Christians’

Bobby Jindal is struggling mightily in the polls. As of right now, he is lucky to be at 2% in the early primary states, and may pick up a few of the people who supported Rick Perry after his exit from the Republican primaries before they even started. With so many candidates in the race […]

Right-Wing “Patriot” Group Sends Armed Security To Keep US Marshals From Arresting Kim Davis

It seems like the Kentucky media and political circus surrounding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis just doesn’t want to end, and every right-wing political candidate or organization is determined to get their moment in the spotlight with her. Just today, Rick Santorum praised her and compared her to Martin Luther King Jr. during a radio […]