Right Wing Media & Politicians Now Have Blood On Their Hands

I didn’t want to have to write about guns again any time soon as the subject had been beaten to death, but here we go again with more right-wing wackjobs deciding that the federal government is tyrannical and that killing police officers and shooting up a Wal-Mart somehow will trigger a “revolution.” “Revolution,” “oppressive government,” […]

Right Wingers Unhappy Students Don’t Care About Benghazi

As classes were finishing up at George Mason University recently, an intrepid insipid conservative media reporter lurched at them with questions about Pharrell Williams and Benghazi to demonstrate just how inept relevant scholars are. In other words, once again contemporary conservatism’s anti-intellectualism has come to bite them in the ass. The first question, “Who made […]

The End Of The Conservative Revolution… Again, And For Now

I predicted in my first installment on this farcical “Conservative Revolution” that they wouldn’t get more than fifty people. Well, this is me, admitting I was wrong… but even the greatest apologist for these people would have to admit that, on balance, the actual total is much closer to MY prediction than THEIRS. Ten million, […]