CNBC Report Details How the RNC’s Paying Trump Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

If you happen to be a Republican who’s donated to the RNC over the last several months, or plan to in the future, I have some great news. There’s a very good chance that your donation is ending up in Donald Trump’s bank account. It seems over the last several months, the RNC, which currently […]

Mueller’s Latest Move Could Send Shock Waves Through the Trump Administration, RNC

Despite all the lies, propaganda, conspiracies, and other nonsense Donald Trump and his supporters continue to want to believe, the reality is that Robert Mueller’s latest move is extremely bad news for this “president” and the Republican Party. As reported by Talking Points Memo: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has begun interviews with Republicans National Committee staffers […]

One Absurd Comment From the RNC Chair Proves Why Republicans are in A Lot of Trouble (Video)

I’m not going to deny the fact that Donald Trump is extremely popular with the Republican “base.” For millions of conservatives, he can do no wrong. Whether it’s belittling POWs, mocking reporters with disabilities, possibly colluding with Russia to undermine our democracy, bragging about sexually assaulting women, or even calling a Gold Star widow a […]

The Republican National Committee Has Found a New Enemy: The Koch Brothers

For a while now I’ve said that Republicans should have been careful what they wished for when they embraced the tea party and allowed their radical aspects to gain a foothold within their ranks. While the tea party has been successful on many levels for the GOP, it also might be the very thing that […]

Republican Louie Gohmert Desperately Wants A Holy War With Iran

Remember how I’ve previously said that part of the far right’s love affair with Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel has a lot to do with fulfilling religious prophecies, bringing about the return of Jesus, and not actually caring about people of other faiths? Well, Congressman Louie Gohmert is getting sick and tired of President Obama (who […]

The Myth Of The “Moderate” Republican Presidential Candidate

Today in Alabama, same-sex couples are flocking to courthouses across the state to get marriage licenses after the Supreme Court refused to issue a stay on a previous ruling which allowed marriages to proceed on February 9th. Despite the protests and outrage from religious conservatives including Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, same-sex couples […]

The RNC Admits It: The More Voters Hear From Republicans, The Worse It Is For The GOP

I’m sure most of you remember the lead up to the 2012 presidential election, particularly the GOP primary.  Talk about a circus.  I’ve never seen a primary where essentially every candidate was at some point a “favorite.”  Partially because almost every candidate was equally as crazy and mostly because Republicans were searching for anyone but Mitt Romney. […]

RNC Chair Calls Republican Immigration Platform He Approved “Horrific”

I should have known it was going to be a busy week for Republican news when the Republican National Committee was holding its annual summer meetings in Boston.  Because whenever you get a group of leading Republicans together to talk about issues, the quotes you get from it are almost always completely ridiculous. And quite […]

RNC Attacks President Obama for Not Passing Gun Reform Bill

File this under “You just can’t make this crap up.”  The RNC recently put out an ad which includes an attack on President Obama for not passing… Wait for it…. Gun reform. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  The RNC has put out an ad which attacks President Obama for not passing the very same gun […]