Trump Will Fire Mueller Because He Knows Republicans Won’t Do a Damn Thing About It

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Will Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller?,” the answer is yes — it’s going to happen. Granted this is just my opinion, but all political analysis is largely based on opinion combined with experience, education, and even just some good ol’ fashion common sense. I have no doubt that Trump’s guilty […]

Robert Mueller is Asking Witnesses What Trump Knew About Stolen Emails

A rather stunning, though not that surprising, report by NBC News reveals that special counselor Robert Mueller is asking witnesses what they know concerning whether or not Donald Trump knew that Democratic emails were stolen prior to their public release. From NBC News: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald […]

Trump Myth Busted: Mueller Just Indicted Multiple Russians for Interfering in 2016 Election

Despite Donald Trump continuing to call the on-going investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia “fake news,” as well as casting doubt as to whether or not Russia launched a cyber attack against the 2016 election, that doesn’t change the fact that the investigation is very real and Russia did, in fact, […]

Stephen Colbert & John Oliver Hilariously Plea with Trump to Meet with Mueller (Video)

A couple of weeks back when Donald Trump said he’d love to talk with special counselor Robert Mueller, it didn’t take very long for his lawyers and White House officials to begin walking back this “president’s” comments. Will Trump ever interview with Mueller? I highly doubt it. Not unless by some chance he’s cornered into […]

Former Bush Ethics Czar Slams ‘Scumbag’ Trump Defenders Trying to Slander Mueller (Video)

While Donald Trump and the rest of his defenders will have you believe that everyone who opposes him is just a Hillary Clinton supporter who’s upset that she lost, that couldn’t be further from the truth. All over the country there are Republicans who’ve refused to sell their souls to support Trump simply because there’s […]

GOP Strategist Spells Out Why Robert Mueller Subpoenaing Bannon Should Terrify Trump

In the brewing “war of racist scumbags” between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, while this “president” might be the most powerful of the two, I’d caution anyone from dismissing Bannon — even after losing his radio show and position at Breitbart. While I’m not willing to go as far as to call him an intelligent […]

5 Quick Reasons Why Progressives Have A Lot to Be Optimistic About Heading into 2018

I know with Donald Trump currently occupying the White House, it’s difficult to feel optimistic about much of anything. I’m not here to say that the end of this nightmare is imminent, though I’ll fully admit that I’m shocked he made it through his first year. I really thought he’d resign at some point. That […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Embarrasses Republican Congressman Trying to Slander Robert Mueller (Video)

Since most Republicans couldn’t care less if Donald Trump colluded with an enemy to undermine our democracy during last year’s election, they view the special investigation being run by Robert Mueller looking into whether or not that actually happened as nothing more than a threat they’re trying to eliminate. It’s obvious since the information we […]

Fox News Analyst Goes on Insane Rant, Calls the FBI a ‘Shadow Government’ (Video)

For the most part, Fox News has become Donald Trump’s own version of state-run media. Aside from the few credible journalists still working for the network such as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, most of the shows on Fox News have turned into nothing more than conspiracy-pushing mouthpieces and cheerleaders for Trump. Sean Hannity, of […]

5 Things to Watch for Following Michael Flynn’s Plea Deal with the FBI

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the news that Michael Flynn has accepted a plea deal with the FBI where he’s expected to testify against Donald Trump, his family, and campaign officials in regards to his communication with Russia. I think it goes without saying that this is an incredibly big […]