Lewis Black Destroys Rush Limbaugh Over His Disgusting Comments About Robin Williams

To call Lewis Black unorthodox might be an understatement.  He’s easily one of the most unique comedians that I know of.  But if you can handle his style, it’s undeniable that he certainly knows how to get his point across. Like when he recently blasted Rush Limbaugh for making disparaging, and frankly disgusting, comments about Robin […]

Repulsive “Pro-Life” Site Tries to Claim Robin Williams’ Suicide May Have Been Linked to Abortion

The tragic death of Robin Williams has been a topic that’s transcended just about every media platform.  Even while listening to my usual sports radio guys here in Dallas, they spoke in great length about the tragedy. But, of course, there are those who are going to try to exploit the public exposure of his […]

The Dangerous Sadness

Not that many years ago, I grew very sad. So I threw myself into work as a distraction. I separated myself from my family, maintaining only a few friends. I tried not to care anymore, for anyone or anything, because that would surely cure the sadness. It all seemed to happen pretty quickly. In just […]

Mork, He Dead: A Tribute to Robin Williams, Fallen World Jester

“There by the rivers of Babylon 5 we sat and wept.” Several days ago, I was feeling generally nostalgic and posted a photo from the film version of The World According to Garp as my Facebook background photo. It was the cover photo of the movie tie-in paperback—which shows a scene not original to John […]