Ohio Republicans Want Women To Record Their Miscarriages

If you’re a woman and you have been pregnant, there’s a decent chance you’ve had a miscarriage, or even an abortion. Out of every pregnancy, as many as 25 percent end in a miscarriage. This a common and sad fact of human reproduction, but now Ohio lawmakers want women to sign a form to keep a […]

Anti-Abortion Activist Admits Planned Parenthood Videos Were Designed To Destroy Organization

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to us that the videos created by the Center for Medical Progress were intended to destroy Planned Parenthood. After the dubious and heavily-edited footage was released, conservatives pounced on these videos as part of their campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. Republicans in Congress are advancing a bill to end […]

Marco Rubio Says That Banning Abortions In All Cases Is In The Constitution

Marco Rubio had a chance last night to distinguish himself from the rest of the candidates on stage in the Republican debate. While Chris Christie and Rand Paul went at it over the NSA, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee dreamed of a war with Iran, and Donald Trump slung rhetorical feces at everyone, Marco Rubio […]

Rick Perry Says That Unlike Obama, He Will Heal America – By Stopping Abortion

The anti-abortion National Right To Life Committee is having their annual convention this year in New Orleans. I know this because my very conservative Catholic mother is going, I’ve been hearing about it for weeks, and now she’s thrilled because my sister scored her tickets to a prayer breakfast tomorrow with Ms. Kay from the […]

HIV Is Making A Comeback, Thanks To Conservatives

Conservatives love to demonize Planned Parenthood, claiming that the organization is little more than an abortion mill. The real facts are that providing abortion services are a very small part of what Planned Parenthood does, but never let that fact get in the way of anti-choice protesters and the politicians who count on their votes. […]

Why Is Congress Pushing New Anti-Abortion Laws? The Answer Is Simple

Over the last few years, pushing anti-abortion laws has moved from the back burner of GOP political priorities, to the forefront as we’ve seen recently. As soon as the 114th Congress convened, legislation was introduced to ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Conservative bloggers like Erick Erickson over at RedState.com are absolutely in love […]

Think Abortion Laws Reduce Abortions? Think Again!

Since Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion activists have done everything they could to pass every restriction possible in order to block a woman’s constitutional right to a safe, legal abortion. Rather than address the root problems behind the need for an abortion, they have instead thrown up legal barrier after legal barrier, which has disproportionately affected […]

The GOP has turned “Pro-Life” into code for “We Can’t Stand Healthy, Educated Women.”

Even though I long ago parted ways with the Republican party and the religious right, the one thing that bothers me is abortion. No, I’ll never revert back to the protests I walked in every January in Washington on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, but it is something that I wish was safe, legal […]

“Job, Jobs, Jobs…And By Jobs We Mean Abortion!” Part Two

This past week, I wrote an article addressing the work that Republicans have been doing in Congress to pass new jobs extremely restrictive federal abortion legislation. Specifically, the article concentrated on the GOP’s claim that they have been working on job creation legislation, when in reality “job creation legislation” is really just a bad euphemism […]

For the GOP, it’s not about being “Pro-Life,” it’s about a Thirst for Control over Women

Lately, we’ve seen a number of sweeping anti-abortion bills passed by North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, Louisiana and other states in the radical right’s all-out assault on Roe v. Wade. I’m ashamed to admit this, but my state Senator Fred Mills and members of my own family either lobbied for it or voted for it here […]