The Iron Curtain Of Vladimir Putin Is Starting To Rust Away

As you can imagine, the last few days have been a roller coaster ride on the Russian internet. The first reaction to the downing of MH-17 was panic. They were trying to shoot down Putin’s plane! Two doubles took off from Amsterdam at the same time, one filled with corpses who all had new passports […]

Russian Propaganda Machine ‘Russia Today’ is Essentially Their Version of Fox News

It’s no secret that I (and most liberals) consider Fox News nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Republican party.  It’s laughable that they’re even allowed to call themselves “news.”  It’s not just that they’re clearly biased, it’s that they blatantly push opinions as facts and ignore reality to perpetuate myths. Shows like The O’Reilly […]

Russia’s Propaganda Campaign Is Using The Left Against Obama

I’m pretty sure that by now, almost everyone has seen the video and the accompanying story in which an anchor for RT (formerly known as Russia Today) resigns on the air stating that she can no longer work for a state-funded propaganda machine disguised as a news network. However, I want to pose a question […]