The War On Christmas Has Already Begun (VIDEO)

It’s about that time again for the “War On Christmas” as Fox News and all of the poor, persecuted religious conservatives like to call it. In case you didn’t know, apparently (according to Fox News) there’s a huge conspiracy by us godless atheist liberals to remove Christ from Christmas. While the logistics of it aren’t […]

Why We Should Stop Calling All Republicans Dumb

Yesterday I wrote a story about how Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Fox News wrote a tweet that managed to find the six degrees of separation between the NFLĀ scandals and Benghazi. As you know, there’s nothing Fox won’t try to link to Benghazi. I’m pretty sure that they could find a way to tie in a weekend […]

Surprised by this new revelation about Fox News? You shouldn’t be.

In a new book titled “Murdoch’s World,” author David Folkenflik alleges that Fox News employed a media PR campaign to silence or bury media stories (and even comments by users) that did not portray the media empire in a positive light. While the initial sources I was easily able to find (other than his book) […]