There’s a Huge Aspect to the Russia Facebook Ads Story that Needs to Be Discussed

It’s no secret that Russia was heavily involved in trying to influence last year’s election. While we’ve known about the cyber attacks launched against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we learned Russia operatives had spent at least $100k buying ads on Facebook targeting certain people, demographics, groups, and […]

Two Huge Stories on Monday Painted a Picture of Corruption Running Deep in Team Trump

As time goes on, the timeline connecting the dots between Donald Trump and the Kremlin continues to paint a clear picture of corruption and collusion. Two massive stories that broke on Monday, one from The New York Times, another from The Washington Post, offer some of the most damning pieces of evidence yet pointing toward […]

Here’s Why Vladimir Putin Wants Donald Trump To Be President

Vladimir Putin has been fawning all over Donald Trump recently. It’s a bromance between two egotistical maniacs, and Donald Trump has welcomed the attention from Russia’s elected dictator. Just a couple of decades ago, if a Russian leader had endorsed a presidential candidate during the Cold War, it would have been the end of their […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow, Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. Walk Into a Bar Mitzvah

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Jerry, Jr., Franklin. Franklin, Jerry, Jr. I can hardly believe this is the first time the three of us have met—though of course I knew your fathers well. Sorry, Franklin, don’t want to bury your dad alongside Jerry, Sr., quite yet. But even I’ve got to admit that Billy would probably […]

ISIS and the “End of the World”: How Apocalyptic Beliefs Influence Their Terror

The attack by ISIS in Paris which killed 129 people on Friday came the same day as the United States announced they had probably killed ISIS “celebrity” executioner Jihadi John. Thursday, a suicide bombing in Lebanon killed at least 43 people, an attack ISIS also took responsibility for. A couple of weeks ago, ISIS claimed […]

Ben Carson Apparently Doesn’t Think Shooting Down a Russian Plane is a Big Deal (Audio)

Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly demonstrated recently during his book promotion tour presidential campaign that he not only has a fuzzy grasp on the facts of his own life, but that he also knows very little about foreign policy. He’s also claimed that free college would destroy our country, and that evolution was a lie […]

President Obama Schools ’60 Minutes’ Reporter on What Real Leadership Looks Like (Video)

There’s an odd infatuation in this country with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While I look at him as an insecure leader who’s trying desperately to seem powerful and macho, there are those who see his desperate tactics as signs that he’s a strong leader, even if they claim to disagree with what he does. You’ve […]

Edward Snowden Says He’s ‘Very Fortunate’ to be in Russia, Makes Ridiculous Claim About Guantanamo

I try to avoid talking about Edward Snowden because discussing him with many people, especially his supporters, is like debating guns with gun nuts. People who support Edward Snowden don’t care what he says or does.  They don’t care that he leaked a lot of classified information that had nothing to do with the Constitutional rights […]

Russia’s Newest Law Inches Nation Closer to the Utopia American Conservatives Want to Create Here

A lot of liberals have joked about Russian President Vladimir Putin being a bit of an icon for conservatives in the United States.  His views on homosexuality mirror those of many conservative Christians in the U.S. and quite a few Republicans were heaping praise on him for his “strength” compared to the “weak” President Obama. […]

Rachel Maddow Destroys John McCain’s Blatant Hypocrisy on Obama’s Policies (Video)

Once upon a time I actually used to respect John McCain.  Not that I frequently agreed with him, but he was at least someone within the Republican party who didn’t seem afraid to speak out against the majority of his party.  And while he still stands up against some of his fellow Republicans from time […]