The Whole Damn GOP Needs to be Investigated Following Release of Fusion GPS Transcript

I don’t think I need to tell anyone reading this that none of what we’re witnessing now is normal. A “president” behaving the way Donald Trump does is not normal. Fox News acting like state-run media propaganda is not normal. Congressional leaders from one of our two major political parties trying to undermine credible investigations […]

Mueller’s Latest Move Could Send Shock Waves Through the Trump Administration, RNC

Despite all the lies, propaganda, conspiracies, and other nonsense Donald Trump and his supporters continue to want to believe, the reality is that Robert Mueller’s latest move is extremely bad news for this “president” and the Republican Party. As reported by Talking Points Memo: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has begun interviews with Republicans National Committee staffers […]

Former Reagan Official Calls Out Trump, Tells Him To Do Something He’s Too Afraid To Do

I come from the belief that if Donald Trump were truly innocent of any sort of collusion with the Russian government during last year’s election, then both he and his associates would be more than forthcoming when it comes to proving their supposed innocence. Unfortunately for Trump’s cheerleaders, that’s not what we’ve seen. If anything, […]

Jill Stein Looks Like a Hapless Fool Trying to Defend Russia During CNN Interview (Video)

Anyone who follows me knows that I’m not a fan of Green Party hero Jill Stein. Some on the left might not agree with me, but I view her as nothing more than the far-left’s version of Trump. She’s nothing but a supposed “liberal” who seems to spend most of her time attacking other liberals […]

Even if Trump Didn’t Collude with Russia, There’s Another Major Reason He Should be Impeached

For the sake of argument here, let’s say neither Donald Trump nor anyone from his campaign directly colluded with Russians during last year’s election. While I absolutely believe they did, at least on some level, for the sake of the point I want to make in this article let’s assume that they didn’t. If that’s […]

Republicans Know Trump’s Guilty, That’s Why They’re Pushing Conspiracies About the FBI

Right now there’s a very deliberate effort by Republicans and the conservative media to paint the FBI as some sort of “shadow government working to take down Trump.” The go-to move for them is to dig into the past of anyone working for the FBI who might have any sort of remote ties to being […]

After Accidentally Admitting That He’s a Criminal, Trump’s Spiraling Out of Control

Donald Trump’s love of Twitter is well documented. Like an emotionally unstable narcissistic tween with serious impulse control issues and a very limited vocabulary, Trump’s Twitter meltdowns have become nearly daily occurrences. They’re constant reminders of what a national embarrassment we have calling himself the “president.” While Trump likes to often claim the media would […]

The Answers to These Two Questions Should Prove Trump Colluded with Russia

I’ve never been someone who gets caught up in emotional hype or simply believes things just because they sound good. Even when I first began discussing politics I told people that one of my main goals was to add perspective to issues that impact all of our lives. I didn’t want to just inform people, […]

Yes, Following Michael Flynn’s Plea Deal with the FBI, Donald Trump is Screwed

I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to saying, “This is what’s going to bring down Donald Trump.” Sadly, many people in this country underestimated just how ignorant, hateful, and gullible the vast majority of Trump supporters are. That said, the surprising, though not entirely unexpected, news that former national security advisor to the Trump […]

Here are Some Indisputable Facts Anyone Defending Trump Following Flynn’s Plea Deal Won’t Like Seeing

While there are several ways Donald Trump could try to spin the news that Michael Flynn has agreed to a plea deal with the FBI, I think what they’re going to ultimately do is try to paint the former national security advisor as a liar they hardly knew who’s willing to say anything just to […]