Shameful: Liberal Website Wasted No Time Trying to Divide People to Exploit Dallas Tragedy

I’m a progressive, but I’m also someone who, at times, is disgusted by the way some on “my side” behave. I’ll be the first to admit that there are so-called “liberal” websites out there that are every bit as awful (just in different ways, sometimes) as the trash I see from the likes of Drudge and Breitbart. […]

Some in the Media Wasted No Time Using the South Carolina Shooting to Further Divide Us

As I sit here, I’m overcome with a varying degree of emotion. First, just sadness over the tragedy that happened in South Carolina. There’s really no other way I can describe it but completely heartbreaking. For someone to be so consumed with hatred that they would be driven to commit such a horrific act of […]

Has Reddit Gone Too Far? Moderators Banning Popular Political Blogs They Deem “Bad Journalism”

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert on Reddit.  Aside from when one of our articles picks up some traffic from the website, or when someone pointed me in their direction, I’ve never really paid much attention to the site. Though I do work with people who are very familiar with Reddit […]