Samantha Bee Hilariously Dismantles ‘D**k-Waving Little B**ch’ Donald Trump (Video)

It goes without saying that Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee has been one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics since her show launched a few months ago. Not one to pull any punches, Bee has been extremely blunt about her feelings concerning the self-admitted sexual predator and alleged billionaire. Take for instance Monday night when she […]

The Daily Show Rips ‘Idiocy’ of the Increasing Number of Liberals Who Oppose Vaccinations (Video)

I’ve never really written anything about people who cling to the routinely debunked myths that vaccines are dangerous for children. ┬áTo be honest, until the last couple of years I thought these people had faded off into oblivion as most crackpots tend to do once their asinine theories get disproven. But I was clearly wrong. […]