Reporter Smacks Down Sanders’ Incoherent Defense of Trump’s Weakness on Russia (Video)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is this country’s own version of “Baghdad Bob.” She’s Donald Trump’s own personal propagandist, spouting blatant lies and attacking reporters simply for pointing out the fact that something she’s said isn’t true. Like today when Sanders got into it with ABC’s Jonathan Karl after he pressed her on […]

Sanders Crashes and Burns When Asked Simple Question About Diversity of Trump Administration (Video)

I’m sure it’s not surprising to anyone reading this to find out that Donald Trump’s administration is mostly white. With the recent departure of Omarosa Manigault, there now sits only one African American among Trump’s more than three dozen cabinet members and senior-level staffers — Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Again, that shouldn’t […]

I’d Like to Address Mike Huckabee’s Laughable Insistence that Women Should Admire His Daughter (Video)

As a Christian myself, fake so-called “conservative Christians” like Mike Huckabee disgust me. I hate the fact that my faith is represented by lowlifes and hypocrites who call themselves Christians, yet aren’t anything of the sort. They do nothing but cherry-pick parts of the Bible they want to use to justify their ignorance, bigotry, and […]

Huckabee Sanders: A Child Molester Who’ll Support Our Agenda is Better Than a Democrat (Video)

Make no mistake about it, the Republican stance on the Senate race in Alabama between Democrat Doug Jones and credibly accused child molester Roy Moore is about nothing more than politics. Donald Trump and the GOP have made it very clear that they’ll happily embrace someone who stalked and assaulted girls as young as 14 […]

Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Stupidity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Defense of Trump’s Racism (Video)

One of my favorite anti-Trump conservatives out there right now is MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. She’s been one of a handful of prominent conservatives in the media who’ve┬árefused to sell their soul to back someone who they know is unfit to be “president.” Such as Thursday when, with just one line, she perfectly mocked Sarah Huckabee […]

Sanders Humiliates Herself with Completely Ridiculous Defense of Trump’s Sex Scandals (Video)

I’d feel sorry for people like Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but they volunteered to be Trump’s version of “Baghdad Bob,” so that’s entirely on them. Still, why anyone would want the job as Trump’s White House press secretary is beyond me. To have to spend most of your days answering for the comments […]

Sanders Cowardly Refuses to Answer Simple Question About Trump’s Racism (Video)

While I’m willing to admit that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a slightly better White House press secretary than Sean Spicer, that’s really not saying a whole lot. Though I guess it’s a little unfair to be too harsh on either Sanders or Spicer considering being Trump’s press secretary is an unenviable job that I’m not […]