Fox News Whackjob Sarah Palin Falsely Claims Hispanics Don’t Support Immigration Reform

I’d call Sarah Palin a racist, but that would require a deliberate mental attempt to discriminate. When she makes an ignorant comment, I don’t believe it’s based on a deliberate mental anything—it’s just an ignorant person showcasing their ignorance. Now granted, racists are ignorant people—but Sarah Palin is a different type of ignorant.  She’s simply […]

Sarah Palin Uses Edward Snowden to Degrade Muslims and Attack President Obama

I don’t believe there are many people who prove the line “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse” more accurately than Sarah Palin. Every speech or interview she gives is such a right-wing cliche’ it’s laughable.  No matter what the topic, President Obama will be wrong and the government will be bad.  Honestly, […]