Bill O’Reilly Forced To Explain How TV Works To Sarah Palin After She Whines That He Was Mean (Video)

Who would have ever thought that a single speech in Iowa would have been the thing that finally brought down tea party hero Sarah Palin. Granted, she’s been a running joke for the majority of Americans for years, but following the embarrassing speech she gave a few days ago even many conservatives are running from […]

Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin’s Iowa Gibberish: ‘Ma’am You’ve Got To Leave The Walgreens’ (Video)

After I watched Sarah Palin’s now infamous Iowa Freedom Summit speech, one of the first thoughts that went through my mind (after my brain tried to process the insanity) was that I really hope Jon Stewart dedicates at least part of his show on Monday to this absurd nonsense. Thankfully my prayers were answered as […]

The DNC Responds to Sarah Palin’s Embarrassing Iowa Gibberish with Two Words

As I’ve said plenty of times in the past, Sarah Palin is the person voters on the left should be hoping gets as much media attention as possible and becomes one of the leading faces for the GOP. Listen, I’m not saying that hearing her voice isn’t akin to hearing nails screech across a chalkboard. I […]

Sarah Palin’s NRA Speech Was Probably the Biggest Pile of Garbage I’ve Ever Watched (Video)

Well, that was a painful twelve minutes.  That’s one of the unfortunate downsides that comes along with this business is that I have to frequently sit through speeches, shows or interviews featuring conservatives that test my sanity. And after watching Sarah Palin’s NRA speech, my sanity was pushed to the brink.  It was quite possibly […]