Alaskan Loon Tries Her Hardest To Bash Liberals As ‘Anti-Freedom,’ Fails Predictably

Sarah Palin has basically been in hiding since right around the time of her Iowa Freedom Summit speech debacle. I’ve known for almost a decade that she’s not quite “all there” in the head, but over the last year her behavior has been especially bizarre even for her. Though, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting […]

OMG, Sarah Palin Stuck a Banana in Her — The Problem with Personality-Driven Politics

The human beings who designed our republic took great pains to ensure that our political processes be stripped of monarchical trappings. Yet 200-plus years into this democracy science fair experiment, our political system finds itself controlled by a narcissistic overlord: when it comes to politics in the United States of America, Personality is king. We […]

Sarah Palin Exploits Veterans at CPAC in Desperate Attempt to Save Her Public Image

To say the last year has been a rather rough one for Sarah Palin would be an understatement. While she remains a constant favorite among millions of ultra-conservatives, she’s made an absolute fool out of herself on several occasions. I even wrote an article last summer expressing a legitimate concern that something just isn’t right […]

Peculiar Podium Seeker Caught Ripping Off Her Channel Subscribers

For those of you who might not have heard, our favorite half-term governor and podium seeker Sarah Palin started her own online channel a few months ago, charging subscribes $9.95 per month to have access its content. Though I have no idea why anyone would pay almost $10 per month to subscribe to an online […]

Ted Nugent Whines During Interview Because the Media Continues to Use His Exact Words Against Him (Video)

Few things in this world amuse me more than someone getting upset because their own words are being used against them. And I don’t mean when their words are taken out of context to distort what they meant to say – that’s a whole other issue. What I’m talking about is when someone gets upset […]

Alaskan Crazy Lady Hilariously Uses Fake Story to Claim Christians are Being Persecuted (Video)

Another day, another Republican falling for a fake story. This time it’s our resident podium seeker from Alaska, Sarah Palin. Usually I can understand why a group of people might support someone with which I completely disagree. Take, for instance, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I completely loathe both of these men with just about every […]

Bill Maher Slams Republican Hypocrisy, Mocks Sarah Palin’s Downfall (Video)

Just over a week removed from one of the most infamous political speeches we might ever see, Bill Maher took it upon himself to mock Sarah Palin’s incoherent idiocy and slam the Republican party for “having no shame” in pretending to care about the middle class. He went off on the new talking point that […]

Bill O’Reilly Forced To Explain How TV Works To Sarah Palin After She Whines That He Was Mean (Video)

Who would have ever thought that a single speech in Iowa would have been the thing that finally brought down tea party hero Sarah Palin. Granted, she’s been a running joke for the majority of Americans for years, but following the embarrassing speech she gave a few days ago even many conservatives are running from […]

Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin’s Iowa Gibberish: ‘Ma’am You’ve Got To Leave The Walgreens’ (Video)

After I watched Sarah Palin’s now infamous Iowa Freedom Summit speech, one of the first thoughts that went through my mind (after my brain tried to process the insanity) was that I really hope Jon Stewart dedicates at least part of his show on Monday to this absurd nonsense. Thankfully my prayers were answered as […]

The DNC Responds to Sarah Palin’s Embarrassing Iowa Gibberish with Two Words

As I’ve said plenty of times in the past, Sarah Palin is the person voters on the left should be hoping gets as much media attention as possible and becomes one of the leading faces for the GOP. Listen, I’m not saying that hearing her voice isn’t akin to hearing nails screech across a chalkboard. I […]