Wendy Davis, the next Governor of Texas? Let’s Make It Happen

Sometimes I wonder if most people outside of Texas think every politician here is some right-wing lunatic that subscribes to the deepest reaches of the bowels of the Republican Party. Sadly, for a lot of them, that’s absolutely true. But last night the entire nation got a good look at what Texas also has, a […]

Big Government Hypocrite Rick Perry DESPERATELY Wants Control Over Women’s Bodies

Remember how I said earlier today that we couldn’t rest on our laurels and that today was just one battle won in a longer struggle against the radical right? Well, while we’ve all been celebrating Wendy Davis’ courageous and successful filibuster for women’s rights in Texas last night, and the defeat of DOMA and Prop […]

Despite Corrupt Republican Efforts in Texas, Wendy Davis and Democrats Emerge Victorious

Despite their best, and absolutely corrupt efforts, Texas Republicans couldn’t beat the determination of Senator Wendy Davis, Texas Democrats and the very vocal women’s rights advocates who flooded the Texas Capitol. After Republicans successfully put a halt to Davis’ filibuster by claiming some ridiculously bogus reasons I will explain in a moment, Senate Democrats pulled […]

Republican Crooks in Texas Find Ways to Unethically End Wendy Davis’ Courageous Filibuster

Please excuse my language—but I am beyond pissed off. I had this feeling that somehow, someway, these right-wing bastards in Texas would find a way to stop Wendy Davis’ courageous filibuster of an anti-abortion bill that represents a direct attack on women’s rights in Texas. And I almost knew, they would let her go on […]