Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow, Katy Perry & the Super Bowl Pre-Game Prayer Pomade Extravaganza

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow! Sorry, I don’t mean to disturb you—oh my, you’re not wearing any clothes. Nor are you. The whole lot of you, in fact. Goodness, that’s a load of tattoos. I can’t tell, that concentration of ink on your left thigh, is that Tamil or a pod of sperm whales practicing Krav […]

Seattle Seahawks Player Richard Sherman Unexpectedly Taught Me a Lesson About Americans

I, like millions of others, watched football this past Sunday.  It’s the NFL playoffs so you can expect things to get intense, especially when teams are one win away from the Super Bowl. Well, at the conclusion of the Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers game, Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews attempted to interview Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. […]

America, The Race To The Bottom Of The Social Ditch

Sunday evening, the great American game of football was played in Seattle, Washington. The San Francisco 49ers took the field against the Seattle Seahawks in what my husband called a much more interesting game than the one earlier that day between the Patriots and the Broncos. I learned a lot more about football during the […]