You Can’t Be Both a Republican and a Patriot

I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that someone simply cannot be both a Republican and a patriot. It’s impossible. Sure, Republicans think they’re the real “patriots,” but they’re really not. Not even close. Now, are there people who vote Republican who are genuinely good Americans? Of course. But I’m not sure I’d call those people […]

Southern Hate Group Cries Communism After Patriotic “SECEDE” Billboard Gets Removed

The hate group known as the League of the South is extremely upset that their “patriotic” billboard displaying the word “SECEDE” was removed from the side of a highway in Montgomery, Alabama. Ah, yes.  Another one of these groups that claims to love America so much that they want to leave it. After the sign […]

California County Votes to Secede and Form New Conservative Republican State

Over the past few years since President Obama was elected, the calls from some politicians and the idiots who vote for them have been growing to secede from the Union. Texas has been the one that has gotten the most attention, and they even have a number of Facebook pages calling for it — including […]