Conservative Author Defends Confederacy, Wants South to Secede and Name New Country ‘Reagan’

Former Reagan administration aide and conservative columnist Douglas MacKinnon recently came out with a new book titled The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creation a Traditional Values Country…Now.  Now, I know you’re probably wondering why you should care about what this person has to say. Well, because a move to secede isn’t as “radical” as […]

You Can’t Be Both a Republican and a Patriot

I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that someone simply cannot be both a Republican and a patriot. It’s impossible. Sure, Republicans think they’re the real “patriots,” but they’re really not. Not even close. Now, are there people who vote Republican who are genuinely good Americans? Of course. But I’m not sure I’d call those people […]

Southern Hate Group Cries Communism After Patriotic “SECEDE” Billboard Gets Removed

The hate group known as the League of the South is extremely upset that their “patriotic” billboard displaying the word “SECEDE” was removed from the side of a highway in Montgomery, Alabama. Ah, yes.  Another one of these groups that claims to love America so much that they want to leave it. After the sign […]

Secession? It’s Actually Happening In Louisiana

Every time you turn around, you see a political movement somewhere talking about seceding from the Union because they’re upset that they can’t have their way when it comes to guns, teaching religion in school or whatever the hard right outrage du jour is. Yet, most of these are little more than a crackpot idea […]

Rural Colorado Counties Vote to Secede as 51st State Because They Apparently Don’t Like Math

The word “majority” I would think is a pretty easy one to understand.  Often the concept “majority rules” is used in decision making for groups of people.  And it’s definitely what’s used in nearly all political elections. It’s just basic math. But apparently this basic math is not something several counties in rural Colorado like. […]