The Left’s Problem With Facts Concerns Me Greatly

From time to time, people will be puzzled when I write articles on science. Trust me, all I have to do is mention GMOs, Monsanto, conspiracy nuts or Food Babe, and I will suddenly be inundated with angry comments wherever my article is posted. Take for example a story I wrote a little while back exposing […]

6 Reasons Why President Obama Is NOT A Dictator

I’m sure you have been subjected to the countless idiotic memes and the rants which usually boil down into a stew of paranoia and regurgitated right-wing talking points about how Obama is a tyrant, a dictator, etc. Our friends over at Ethical Reporters Against Faux News made this really great meme which completely refutes the […]

At What Point Do We Start Arresting Members of Congress for Sedition?

Let’s establish one thing many Republicans seem unaware of — “Obamacare” is the law of the land.  It’s not a bill and it’s not something that Congress still needs to pass.  It’s the law — period. In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and President Obama signed it, making it law.  Then in 2012, […]