Republicans Block Veterans Bill Over Planned Parenthood Fight

After the release of the heavily-edited Planned Parenthood videos, Republicans all over have been scrambling to score political points with the right-wing by calling for investigations, as well as for┬ádefunding the organization altogether. This hatred for Planned Parenthood is nothing new. For decades, anti-choice activists and conservative politicians have made it a target, sometimes literally. […]

Mitch McConnell Basically Tells Ted Cruz “Thanks But No Thanks” on Fake Filibuster

As the days go on, it becomes more and more apparent that Ted Cruz doesn’t have the pull he thinks (or wished) he had in Congress. ┬áSince he became Senator, it’s been clear that Cruz has singled out “Obamacare” as his mechanism to launch any kind of national notoriety. Which I guess was fairly intelligent. […]