Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To End Federal Ban On Marijuana

Currently marijuana is legal for recreational use in four states and the District of Columbia. In twenty other states, it is legal for medical use, although the laws in all of these states are in conflict with federal law. The federal government lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is in the same category […]

Unlike Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders Actually Shows Up To Work

Senator Marco Rubio has taken heat, even from his own party, for missing a lot of Senate votes while he has been campaigning. Last week during the CNBC Republican debates, he was slammed by Jeb Bush for not showing up to work. Now Marco Rubio is also catching flack from presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, […]

Serial Vote-Misser Marco Rubio Wants To Crack Down On People Who Don’t Do Their Jobs

Marco Rubio is currently sitting around 3rd place in Republican primary polls, well behind front-runners Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. Considering how both Carson and Trump have zero government experience, the fact that Marco Rubio as a member of the Senate can’t quite make it to double digits in the polls says a lot […]

Republicans Prove Once Again They Hate the Working Poor, Filibuster Minimum Wage Increase

Republicans like to claim that they’re “listening to the American people,” which might be true… if by “the American people” they mean big corporations and the richest among us. ┬áNearly every economic policy they support directly benefits big business and the rich while offering the “promise” that by doing so the rest of us will […]

How 2014 Could Be Bad (and even Horrible) for Progressives

Election Day November 2nd, 2010 seems like just last week to me. On that day, Tea Party-backed candidates completed a stunning takeover of Congress, snatching up 60 seats as well as winning 24 of the US Senate races. Of course, they did it in part thanks to the Citizens United ruling, which allowed unlimited corporate […]

The Time is Nigh For a Senate Shakeup

Recently I was watching Doris Kearns Goodwin on “Meet The Press.” If you’re not a history nerd like me you might not know who she is, but she’s a foremost expert in presidential and U.S. history. The show’s panel was discussing the incomprehensible notion that a background check amendment which enjoyed overwhelming — 90% or […]