Ted Cruz Quite Possibly Just Made His Most Ridiculous Statement — Ever

It’s no secret that I absolutely cannot stand Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  I still go back and forth between him and Sarah Palin when trying to figure out who I loathe more.  Currently the edge goes to Cruz simply because he’s actually a senator, whereas Sarah Palin is nothing more than a failed vice presidential […]

Dear Ted Cruz: You’re a Blatant Liar and an Absolute Embarrassment to this Country

Dear Senator Ted Cruz: You’re a reprehensible human being. Whenever I see your face on my television, or flash across my computer screen, a spark of anger begins to build inside me.  I’m convinced if I sat in a room listening to you speak for hours on end, my ears would literally begin to bleed. […]

A Breakdown of Ted Cruz’s Abysmal History of Repeated Lies

Senator Ted Cruz has quickly become the face of the “new” Republican party, particularly as it relates to the push against “Obamacare.”   There’s just one gigantic problem when it comes to Ted Cruz—he’s absolutely full of crap. I decided to take a look at his track record with the popular fact-checking site Politifact and […]

It’s Clear: Ted Cruz is Using Taxpayers to Fund His 2016 Presidential Bid

The more rhetoric that goes back and forth between members of the Republican party about whether or not they should or shouldn’t threaten to shutdown the government in their feeble attempt to “defund Obamacare,” the more it’s become clear to me—Ted Cruz isn’t serious about any of this. Hell, he’s not serious about any of […]

Ted Cruz: A Scary Mixture of Michele Bachmann and Allen West

Once upon a time, Michele Bachmann and Allen West were new, shining stars of the GOP.  The tea party was gaining strength, and Representatives Bachmann and West were two of their up-and-coming leaders. My, how times have changed. Since then Michele Bachmann has announced her retirement (at the end of her current term) from Congress, […]

Ted Cruz Opposes Bipartisan Immigration Bill, Blames Obama For Blocking Immigration Reform

While most of them won’t openly admit it, many Republicans dreaded the day Senator Ted Cruz won his election and became a Senator. Outwardly, he seems to be a mix between Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Allen West.  Except he’s actually intelligent—don’t let his asinine comments fool you.  He only compares to those individuals with […]