One In Three Republicans Believe Jade Helm Is An Obama Plot To Invade Texas

Once upon a time, there were these people known as “moderate Republicans.” They had ideas that may not have been the best policies for moving our country forward, but they tended to be more interested in padding their wallets instead of engaging in extremist politics. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. There’s […]

Ted Cruz Says Gay Marriage Is Dangerous To American Liberty

Ted Cruz just won’t give up. Like many other conservative Republicans who can’t let go of the issue of marriage equality, he refuses to see the writing on wall that gay marriage is rapidly becoming the law of the land. This summer, the Supreme Court is expected to rule that the remaining bans on same-sex […]

Angry Conservatives Turn On Ted Cruz For Giving Toys To Kids

The comments section on Senator Ted Cruz’s Facebook page is truly a goldmine of racism, homophobia and utter batshit crazy remarks by what can only be assumed to be the people that get the corner booth, in the far back hall, by the janitor’s closet at GOP conventions. On a normal day, you can find […]

Unconstitutional Senator Ted Cruz Thinks He’s Above Our Supreme Court

On the heels of the Supreme Court striking down the Arizona law that required people to show “proof of citizenship” prior to registering to vote (aka voter ID laws), Ted Cruz has decide to try and bypass this ruling by offering an amendment to the immigration bill that would permit states to require citizens to […]

Senator Ted Cruz Should Slither Back Into The Nefarious Cave He Escaped From

Speaking at a FreedomWorks meeting this past weekend, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused President Obama of “taking grieving moms and dads who tragically lost their babies and treating them as political props.”  This is just the latest disgusting act of cowardice from Cruz, who is quickly becoming one of the most vile elected officials our nation […]

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, You’re a Grade A Hypocrite. Love, A Pissed Off New Yorker.

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, Maybe I am a little late on sending you this letter, considering it was now 4 days ago that you requested federal aid for West, Texas following a fertilizer plant explosion. But, I feel there are a few things I need to say to you in regards to this matter. I am […]