GOP Rep. John Duncan Calls Out Fellow Republicans For Supporting ‘Endless War’

It isn’t often that you’ll find me agreeing with Republicans on anything, but I believe in giving credit where and when it is due. Today I read an op-ed from┬áRep. John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee’s 2nd District over at The American Conservative and I have to admit, I was quite impressed. Granted, it’s one […]

Sen. Tom Cotton On LGBT Rights: ‘In Iran They Hang You For The Crime Of Being Gay’ (Video)

Senator Tom Cotton just doesn’t know when to shut up. Or more likely, he subscribes to the mentality that bad press is better than good press, because that’s the way to rally right-wing Republicans to his cause. That cause is being the rising Senate star of the GOP fringe and possibly a presidential candidate in […]

Senator Tom Cotton Desperately Needs A Geography Lesson

Tom Cotton, current infamous Republican senator from Arkansas, appeared on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this past Sunday. The topic of discussion was Senator Cotton’s letter to Iran, and Cotton’s motivation for said letter. Many of the senators who signed the letter have backtracked their support, including John McCain, who has been telling anyone […]