Watch: Elizabeth Warren Hammers Republicans for Acting Like it’s 1914 with Women’s Rights

It’s kind of funny, today I was visiting my mother when I brought up Senator Elizabeth Warren.  While my mom knows a little about politics, she’s not exactly someone I would say has an intricate knowledge of the political world.  She knows a few of the big names (Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bush, Rick […]

Senator Warren Sounds Presidential On MSNBC’s “Hardball” (Video)

Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” last night to discuss her plan for rebuilding the middle class through investments in jobs and infrastructure. After watching the video, I couldn’t help but think she had really polished her delivery and message, to the point where more than ever before, I really want Senator Warren to […]

Elizabeth Warren Continues Hammering Unethical Wall Street Tactics with “Truth in Settlements Act”

The people of Massachusetts are lucky that they get to be represented by a senator like Elizabeth Warren.  I live in Texas, my state’s represented by individuals like Senator Ted Cruz.  I — am not so lucky. While Elizabeth Warren is far from perfect (she is a politician after all) the best way I can describe […]

Elizabeth Warren Introduces The Equal Employment for All Act

After the financial crisis of 2008, many people (myself included) had their credit ratings destroyed. Credit card debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy and financial problems have put some Americans into a hole they are having a hard time digging out of – especially when it comes finding a job. While the current unemployment rate continues to decline, […]

Why “President Elizabeth Warren” Would be a Huge Waste of a Great Senator

I think anyone who follows me knows I absolutely adore Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  She has skyrocketed to being one of my favorite politicians.  Her straight-forward talk, her tendency to say what many Americans have been saying for years and the way she comes off as someone who genuinely believes in what she’s saying — […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Sick of Debating These Social Issues Like it’s 1913, Not 2013.”

Where has Elizabeth Warren been all my life?  In her short time in the Senate I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her.  While newly elected senators like Ted Cruz have made national fools of themselves, Elizabeth Warren has made a name as someone who seems to say what a lot of Americans are thinking. “Americans” […]