If Kim Davis Gets Her Way, Conservatives Will Have Just Opened the Door for Sharia Law

I’ll always remember my time at a previous employer when we had a general manager who really wasn’t very good at his job. He was a nice enough guy, but he was really lazy. For those of us in leadership roles, that meant we were often left to do things we shouldn’t have had to […]

Glass Houses & Stones: The Religious Right’s War On Islam

Okay, let’s start off with a little education. I promise, conservative readers, it won’t get too complicated. An Abrahamic religion is a monotheistic faith of West Asian origin, emphasizing and tracing their common origin to Abraham or recognizing a spiritual tradition identified with him. This small group is one of the major divisions in comparative […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Ken “Hamming” It Up Ezekiel Pimp Style

In this corner, weighing in at nearly 2.3 billion adherents: Christianity! And in this corner, weighing in with annual sales of $50 billion-plus: [CENSORED], an American multinational corporation specializing in web-related services and products, with cyber-algorithms roaming the Internet just waiting to take down any column with naughty words like [CENSORED] Riot, George W. [CENSORED] and Tricky [CENSORED] […]

Former Texas GOP Chair Says Immigration Reform Will Lead to End of Times, Demonic Branding

In one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever heard, former chair of the Republican Party of Texas Cathie Adams told a right-wing radio station that she has no doubt that immigration reform will lead to the “end of times.” Where to even begin. First, apparently she feels immigration reform will open the flood gates […]

North Carolina Democrat Says Republicans Should Be Feared Far More Than Sharia Law

North Carolina Republicans have apparently decided to one-up Texas when it comes to ridiculous laws that seek to infringe on a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body—by sneaking abortion provisions into an “anti-Sharia law” bill introduced to the state Senate. Yes, in a state with a struggling economy, the worry […]