Fox News’ Shep Smith Mocks Trump’s Backtracking on ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ (Video)

While it’s true that the vast majority of the people over at Fox News have become nothing more than shills for Donald Trump, effectively turning the network into this “president’s” own state-run media, there are still a couple of people over at American’s most-watched conservative fan fiction channel who have the courage to speak the […]

Fox News’ Shep Smith Perfectly Calls Out ‘Things That Don’t Make Sense’ About Trump’s Whining (Video)

While the vast majority of the people over at Fox News serve as nothing more than propagandists and cheerleaders for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, there are a few rare exceptions. Shep Smith is one of them. As most of Fox News continues to serve as nothing more than a version of state-run media […]

Fox News’ Shep Smith: Network Couldn’t Find Anyone to Defend Trump (Video)

It’s not exactly a secret that Fox News is mostly nothing more than the media propaganda arm of the Republican Party. While there are a couple of people who work for America’s most-watched conservative entertainment network who have the courage to call out Trump and the GOP, most of the people there serve as nothing […]

Fox News’ Shep Smith Embarrasses Donald Trump, Calls Out Blatant Hypocrisy (Video)

Those who support Donald Trump live in their own fabricated version of reality where blatant lies are “alternative facts,” while most of the rest of us live in actual reality where truth, science, and facts still matter. Trump’s frequent contradictions prove that he clearly believes he lives in a world where it’s acceptable for him to do the […]