Ripping Apart the Chicago Gun Violence Myths, Part 1: Racism

It seems that whenever there’s a spate of new gun violence in Chicago, automatically every person who has ever heard of the city yet never lived here – let alone in the neighborhoods where these shootings are predominately happening – calls for more blood and/or becomes an expert on what’s wrong in my city. The Wall […]

Two More Shootings That Debunk Several of the Arguments Made by Gun Nuts

As many of you probably heard, our country recently endured two more public shootings.  One in Nevada where two police officers and a civilian were tragically killed, and the other at Seattle Pacific University where one person was murdered. And sadly, as these shootings continue to occur, it only makes guns rights activists believe that more guns are […]

Shooting Victim’s Father Slams ‘Idiots’ in Congress, Asks ‘Have We Learned Nothing’ Since Newtown? (Video)

After the recent mass shooting in California, the issue of gun violence in this country has been a hotly debated topic once again.  Though I can’t imagine anything being done about it this time considering we’ve done absolutely nothing since the Newtown massacre that happened well over a year ago, or the Aurora massacre before that, […]