Which Party Is Really Trying To Control Americans?

One of the most repeated comments on my recent article on Subway’s partnership with Michelle Obama was about control. Many conservatives who were angered by my piece argued that the “government” (Mrs. Obama) is trying to “force” them to do something they don’t want to do. The majority of conservatives who wrote responses are convinced […]

10 Easy Ways For Republicans To Solve Most Of Their Problems

I often like to be generous, even toward my conservative opposition.  Why always battle when I can help?  So that’s what I’ve decided I’m going to do with this article. See, many times I run across conservatives who are just angry.  I mean, geez, these people can get down right nasty.  They’ll air their grievances, […]

The Next Time a Republican Brings Up the Need for “Small Government” — Show Them This

The role of government is one that’s always a hotly debated topic.  Liberals often lean towards “more government” while conservatives make the claim that they’re the party of “small government”—which is of course laughable. I have never understood those who see the government as the enemy yet big business as the answer. Let me break […]