Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Loving Ham, Chicken Crap & the “Filthy Pack of Asses”

Pastor Pillow here! Hey, it’s a Doris Day Love Fest!  In honor of St. Valentine, kindly kiss your neighbors on the lips—irrespective of gender—and turn in your rosy red hymnals to No. 403. You make my heart erect!  You make my heart erect! What?  Wreck?  It’s “you make my heart a wreck”?  Well, I’ll be. […]

The Inhumane Slaughter That’s Happening at the Olympics is Heartbreaking

I’ve said it on several occasions that when it comes to this year’s Olympics, I’m refusing to watch a single minute of any of the events.  I wouldn’t call it a boycott as much as just a choice not to participate.  I’m not going out of my way to not watch, I’m just refusing to […]

Why This Gay Athlete Changed Her Mind about Boycotting the Winter Olympics (and Why You Should Too)

When Russia passed their anti-gay propaganda law in June of 2013, I was outraged. Like most members of the LGBTQ community and supporters of LGBTQ rights, I saw it as a horrific assault on basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. While the law specifies that it only bans the, “promotion of homosexuality to minors,” the […]