The Future for the Republican Party Looks Very Bleak

When it comes to studying politics, I’m a bit of a nerd. I love reading trends, election results and breaking down polls and surveys. While the quick “eye grabbing” headline is usually what dictates the narrative of our news, these stories don’t often tell us what’s really going on. But as I take a step […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Sick of Debating These Social Issues Like it’s 1913, Not 2013.”

Where has Elizabeth Warren been all my life?  In her short time in the Senate I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her.  While newly elected senators like Ted Cruz have made national fools of themselves, Elizabeth Warren has made a name as someone who seems to say what a lot of Americans are thinking. “Americans” […]

As Rachel Maddow Always Says, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… Abortions!”

Throughout the seven years I spent getting both my bachelors degree in political science and my law degree, I had the occasion to enter into countless and sometimes endless debates – with people whose political ideologies fell all across the spectrum – on practically every and any political and/or legal issue you could ever dream […]