There’s a Huge Aspect to the Russia Facebook Ads Story that Needs to Be Discussed

It’s no secret that Russia was heavily involved in trying to influence last year’s election. While we’ve known about the cyber attacks launched against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we learned Russia operatives had spent at least $100k buying ads on Facebook targeting certain people, demographics, groups, and […]

Addressing the Idiocy of One of the Most Absurd Conservative Memes I’ve Seen

It’s not often I write an article addressing some random Internet meme that I’ve seen on social media (though it has happened). With that said, if there’s an exceptionally egregious one that I see being passed around much more than usual, that’s when I feel it needs to be addressed. For instance, this meme which […]

It’s Time to Tell the Truth About Fake News and the Main Reason It Exists

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’re well aware that the topic of fake news has been heavily discussed since it helped Donald Trump “win” last November. And by fake news I mean actual fake news — not partisan analysis and opinions some people don’t like. You see, while there’s definitely a very real problem […]

The Effort to Expose Fake News Has Created Another Serious Problem That Plays Into Trump’s Hands – Updated

Since Donald Trump’s win on November 8th, there’s been quite a lot of talk concerning the epidemic of fake news and its impact on this election. Specifically, how it played a vital role in helping Trump become president. Though as more and more people began to openly discuss the problem of fake news, another huge problem […]

Here are 10 Types of Dangerous Websites That Helped Hand Donald Trump the Presidency

Since Donald Trump’s victory, there’s been a lot of attention finally being given to a problem myself and many others in the “independent media” have known and talked about for quite some time: Unethical websites pushing fake news (or mixing real and fake news) and/or conspiracies, using social media to make these stories go viral and instantly misinforming millions […]

Shameful: Liberal Website Wasted No Time Trying to Divide People to Exploit Dallas Tragedy

I’m a progressive, but I’m also someone who, at times, is disgusted by the way some on “my side” behave. I’ll be the first to admit that there are so-called “liberal” websites out there that are every bit as awful (just in different ways, sometimes) as the trash I see from the likes of Drudge and Breitbart. […]

Cop Block Gets Exposed as Radical Hate Group Following Dallas Mass Shooting

Before going forward, this article isn’t about me taking a “side” between cops and African American males who, far too often, are murdered by police officers. I have no “side” in any of this except to see that murderers face justice and we come together as a nation to do what we can to fix […]

10 Ways the Internet & Social Media Have Made Government and Politics Worse

When the Internet first started to become a fixture in our society, it was believed by many that this was the dawn of a new age of a more informed populace. After all, we would all soon have a computer in nearly every home connected to an unlimited resource filled with the answers to any […]

No, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Was Not Caught Trying to Impersonate Nurses Union Members

I loathe conspiracy theorists. Typically these are the people who take snapshots and tidbits of information, then spin that into some ridiculous (and often outlandish) story of unbelievable “truths” aimed at working up a particular group of people. And with the rise of the Internet and social media, it’s a really good time to push […]

Fact Checking Absurd Memes Attacking Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

One of the driving forces behind this wealth of misinformation we see in today’s society are Internet memes. While memes can be great ways to share information to the masses, the downside is that they can often make inaccurate information seem credible. And being that most people who share memes never investigate the truthfulness of […]