Trump’s Budget Steals From the Poor and Elderly to Make People Like Him Wealthier

“I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” –Donald Trump, May 2015 That’s what then-candidate Trump said about supporting cuts to these programs. As with most everything else he says, that promise was total bullcrap. After giving the rich a projected $1.5 trillion […]

Trump Official Brags About Tricking Him into Cutting Social Security Benefits

While Donald Trump gets most of the negative press for being an absolutely reprehensible and vile human being, I make sure to showcase as often as I can that there are plenty of Republicans — both working for him and in Congress — who are every bit as bad, if not worse, than he is. […]

The Real Reason Republicans Hate Welfare And Food Stamps

These days, it seems that the majority of conservatives tend to view the world through a very simplistic scope that allows little room for discussion, interpretation, or compromise. We have reached a point where any questioning of unregulated capitalism automatically gets you labeled as a socialist, communist, Marxist, or Fascist because those are all interchangeable […]

The Disturbing Hypocrisy Among Many Senior Citizens When it Comes to Social Security and Medicare

I despise whenever someone uses the term “entitlements” to describe Social Security and Medicare. First, millions upon millions of Americans pay into these programs – they earn them. Secondly, these aren’t “handouts for the lazy,” they’re programs aimed at trying to ensure our disabled, sick or to a larger extent our elderly aren’t left stranded without any […]

ALEC, The Tea Party, And Their Dangerous Plan To Privatize Our Government

What I am going to say will probably come as little surprise to many of you, but it’s a concept still lost on many folks. As you know, one of the biggest talking points from the Republican Party and many libertarian groups is that many functions of government would be better handled by the private […]

Michele Bachmann vs. Bernie Sanders Equals Priceless Television (Video)

I just watched some of the best (though most frustrating) 13 minutes of television I’ve seen in a while.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hosted a discussion between Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – and it was exactly what you might expect. A lot of Michele Bachmann spouting off typical right-wing talking points […]

New Rule: If You Enjoy Social Security and Medicare, Stop Trying to End These Programs for the Rest of Us

Social Security and Medicare continue to be hot button topics in this country.  They’re absolutely vital for our nation as they provide a safety net for millions of Americans who otherwise might be out on the streets. Millions of conservatives call them “entitlements,”  implying that millions of Americans are lazy “takers” looking for a free […]

Republicans Attack Obama for Cuts They Wanted

I’m not going to say I told you so, but I kind of did. President Obama’s budget included a measure called chained-CPI, which would reduce the rate at which cost of living increases for Social Security are calculated. Many conservatives said it wasn’t enough, while many liberals called Obama a sellout. I called him brilliant. […]