What God Do Christian Libertarians Worship?

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the interwebs, nestled in between keywords like “bitcoin,” “freedom,” “Ron Paul,” “Federal Reserve,” and “church,” you may stumble upon the ground floor of Christian Libertarianism. Your jaw may drop a meter as you are struck by sheer ignorance, hubris, and nincompoopery. In addition to “the big government conspiracies” that […]

If Jesus Were Alive He Might Not Be a Democrat, But He Damn Sure Wouldn’t Be a Republican

Republicans like to champion themselves the party of “Christian values.”  When I hear them make this claim, I can’t help but laugh. A party which brags about the death penalty, condemns the poor, cuts programs that help the needy and values guns—claims to be the party that represents Jesus Christ. That’s a joke, right? Whether […]