Former CNN Host Destroys Network for Helping Trump ‘Normalize White Supremacy’ (Video)

One of the biggest issues I’ve had throughout this very long 2016 election has been the way that the media has covered Donald Trump. Not to say that they haven’t been critical of his never-ending list of vile comments and idiotic behavior, but they really haven’t covered him the way that they should have. You […]

What the Heck is Al Jazeera America?

Tired of “info-tainment?” Tired of pundits screaming at each other between the seemingly endless commercials for Activia, reverse home mortgages and gold investments? Have you had just about enough of watching MSNBC only to watch “defund Obamacare” ads in the middle of the Rachel Maddow Show? Well, guess what? Al Jazeera America launches on this […]